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National Council of Jewish Women of Canada (NCJWC), the first Jewish Women’s organization in Canada, is a volunteer organization that has been a catalyst for change since 1897, fighting to ensure the rights of women, children, and families, the disabled and new Canadians through service, education and social action.

NCJWC’s pioneering spirit continues to this day as it identifies the needs of women of diverse backgrounds and abilities and ensures that they have a voice by developing innovative programs to identify those needs. All who come to NCJWC share a belief that progressive ideals put into action can improve our community, our country and the world.

NCJWC is a place to nurture those ideals and put them into action. We are a unique bridge between the haves and have nots, between Jewish and secular cultures, between Canadian, Israeli and international initiatives. In our name you will find a proud history of more than a century of action and advocacy, of struggle and success in advancing social justice and human welfare. NCJWC stands alone in the “bridge” capacity.  Since 1897, we have provided a forum for advocacy: our Canadian Jewish women speak and work for civil rights, women’s and children’s rights, public health, day care, education and programming for the elderly.  The work of these Canadian women, these Council women have made a profound difference for people of diverse ages, races and religious backgrounds.

NCJWC is a member of International Council of Jewish Women (  We advocate freedom, rights and betterment of women throughout the world through our work with non-governmental organizations at the United Nations.  In Israel, we lobby on behalf of those women who are kept captive by unfair divorce laws (Agunot).

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